Fourth Sonic Battle tournament announced

First details on Battle on the Highway #4.

Here are the details on this latest weekly.


February 1, 2020 at 3:00 PM EST. The event will be televised on


Game Settings

  • Rule: Time
  • Limited time: 3 minutes
  • Tag: OFF
  • Interval: 5 seconds
  • Auto handicap: OFF


  • Emerald Beach
  • Tails’ Lab
  • Chao Ruins
  • Library
  • Colosseum

Arena and Character Picking

Game 1

  • Players will first declare their intended characters for Game 1
  • They will then play rock-paper-scissors (RPS) to determine who bans first
  • The winner of RPS will ban the first arena from the starter list
  • The second player will ban two arenas
  • The first player will ban one stage, and the players will play on the remaining starter arena

Following Games

  • The winner of the previous game will announce their character choice for the upcoming game
  • The loser may then choose their own character as well
  • The winner then bans two arenas
  • The loser may pick any remaining arena, including one they have already won on
  • This process continues until the end of the set

Game Rules

  • Players are allowed to do button checks in training mode to test out controls
  • All games until winners finals/losers finals/grand finals are best of 3 
  • Top 3 is best of 5
  • At the beginning of Game 1, both players must blind pick their special loadout
  • In all subsequent games, the winner of the previous game must pick their special loadout first
  • The first player to reach 3 KOs wins
  • If neither player reaches 3 KOs before time is called, the player with more KOs wins
  • If a game ends in a draw, players will replay that game with the same characters, stages, and initial loadouts. Repeated draws are subject to a TO’s discretion
  • Players may not use Emerl
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