Sonic Riders and its Underground Community, The Story So Far!

“Sonic Riders was a sorely misunderstood game, it’s in-depth mechanics and skill ceiling actually have real competitive potential. We truly believe we can change the world’s opinion on this game, and reworking it into an esport is the way to go.”

With the new patch out, many community members have felt a desire to express their gratitude to the home that this server has been for them!

“Everyone is super dedicated despite how flawed the base game was. The meta was defined, tweaked and redefined and its just an 11/10 competitive experience when all the pieces are in order” ~ Sacean (Creator of Cobalt XR)

“The entire community for Sonic Riders Tournament Edition is one of the greatest I’ve ever found.” ~ Ludiyolo252

“I’ve spent 7 months being in the server and I’ve found myself spending a lot of time there. The game is fun as hell and I wouldn’t know all these sick ppl without it. Also, Protag is the best leader. He’s everything I want in a man.” ~ Snfn

“Sonic Riders is an enthralling experience that allows players to engage in the thrill of battle, welcomes newcomers while also rewarding skilled play, and witness the spectacle of high-speed action. Working alongside and learning from my peers on the development team and our director has changed my life, at a time where change was needed. The gratitude I hold for being granted the honor to contribute, is the same gratitude I have for those who have entered or will enter into our growing community.”


“SRTE was one of the first big projects I’ve ever worked on. The community has helped me grow as a person and helped me find my passion in programming. The game itself is a piece of work and to work on, and I hope this patch is my masterpiece.”


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  1. I wouldn’t necessarily state that the presence of resource management and skill-based player interaction is “unlike” other racing games. (i.e. Mario Kart) Certainly doesn’t diminish the value of this project, of course! Personally wishing Protag and his crew the best of luck!

    Also, wonderful article! Super excited for this website. 🙂

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