Sonic Riders Tournament Edition launches on

Today is another big step in our history. I proudly announce the completion of our page for Sonic Riders Tournament Edition!

Now that we are on, speedrunning our mod will be a more accessible and professional experience. This is how we will be going forward with speedrunning at an official capacity, so we will be figuring out what will become of the #speedrun-submissions text channel in the official Discord server in the next couple of days.

While vanilla has also seen a resurgence from our influence, I believe it’s worth formally mentioning here that there was a very recent addition of many new categories. Check it out.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Liks for building the Google Sheets pages that we’ve used for a while now. The page will remain up for archiving purposes. Runs on the sheets being transferred to the page is a pending discussion as well. I also wish to express my gratitude toward Cybersonicstarzx655 who was very helpful with teaching me how to use the site.

To the mods I’ve appointment to look after the page: This is a great honor that has just been bestowed upon you. I trust in all of you to uphold integrity and professionalism. I think you’ll all do a fantastic job!

I hope you all considering running the game. There are a couple of guides and detailed instructions that were written to help you start putting times on the board. They can be found on the page itself. Anyway thanks for reading. By the amount of activity we have in the community we could potentially be one of the most active sonic pages on the entire site! Let’s be sure to show that we mean business!

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