Sonic CD speedrunning tournament details announced

Details on the “Sonic Champion Duels Tournament”, or “Sonic CD Tournament” has been announced.

We are looking for runners of all walks of life to participate in this weekend long, bracket tournament of Sonic CD.

After success of the Sonic 2 Tournament on the Sonic Speedrun Community Twitch we wanted to give another game a shot at showing off its runners, community and what it has to offer.

The Category for the Tournament will be Sonic – Beat the Game and we’ll be racing the 2011 Version of Sonic CD.

Table of Contents
  1. Date
  2. Rules
  3. Bracket


The planned date and time of the tournament is July 25th – 26th from 8am – 8pm EDT with possible additional dates if we have enough submissions to warrant additional time.

The tournament will be hosted on the SSC twitch page located here:


The rules for the Tournament mirror that of the rules on More specifically, using the Sonic – Beat the Game Category.

  • Timing will be tracked by in-game timer. (You can find the ingame timer script on livesplit and activate it)
  • If you are manually timing your runs and you are on PC or Console, you will add all of your minutes and seconds up and then add your MS at the end.
  • Add up time from each death.
  • Time starts from the time you select Sonic in File Select to the last hit on Eggman in Metallic Madness 3

Much like the Sonic 2 Tournament, some of these rules may be altered for races within reason. Such as two racers agreeing on a specific path, agreeing to a specific boss kill, or agreeing to both play using a specific soundtrack.

You will have to notify the Organizer, Restreamer of changes at least 2-3 matches in advance and have it approved and both racers must agree to the alteration.

Additionally to participate in this tournament you must be able to live stream your races.
All races will be streamed live on the SonicSpeedrunCommunity Twitch.


Please sign up here.

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