Sonic Heroes tournament rules unveiled

Keep track of all of these rules to have a good competitive experience!

First off, there will not be any counterpick stages in any way. Since most of the stages are extremely neutral and balanced for both players.


What will be banned however is the following:

  • Team Blast Attack
  • Bingo Highway
  • Seaside Hill Cave from Quick Race
  • Special Stages
  • Battles
  • Ring Race
  • Bobsled Race


  • Pausing is not allowed, pausing while in the middle of a race will result in disqualification, unless both players consider restarting the race
  • Stalling the game is completely banned, and any player that does it will have to give up the match, if this action is repeated multiple times, the player or players that keep doing it will be disqualified automatically.
  • Increasing or Decreasing the buffer input delay from Dolphin while in the middle of a race will result in disqualification.
  • Sand bagging will also result in an immediate disqualification.
  • Sand bagging is a term used to describe a player throwing the match, not showing any type of commitment to the tournament, and not playing well in purpose.
    • Example: A player is just standing there not doing anything the entire race, not moving, or moving slightly but not really advancing towards the goal. Or make it appear that he is racing, but immediately fall into a pit, not because of an error, but stopping in the middle of the race, and jumping straight into the pit to secure victory for the opposing player.
  • Closing the netplay session/parsec session will result in an automatic win for whoever was in the session. So if player 2 exits the session mid race the winner will be player 1. If player 1 closes the session player 2 gets the match
  • Repetition of this action will warrant a disqualification.
  • Matches before winner’s final, loser’s final and grand finals would be best of 3. Winner’s, Loser’s and Grand Finals are best of 5.
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