Sonic the Hedgehog 2 speedrunning tournament details unveiled

Introducing “Sonic 2-urnament 2020”

This is planned to be weekend event where people of all skill levels, old and new, big and small are invited to participate and show their stuff.

Table of Contents
  1. Date
  2. Structure
  3. Rules


Tentative dates: June 20th – 21st, 2020; 8:00am EDT to 8:00pm EDT each day.


This tournament structure is planned to be bracket tournament, with both winners and losers bracket. Positioning on where you start on the bracket would be based on your current leaderboard standings on

If you do not currently have a standing on the leaderboards you may be randomly placed.


The rules for the tournament will mirror the rules on the SRC leaderboard, with all races being timed using in-game time

If you and your race opponent would like to race using modified rules, such as agreeing to race using Real Time/Real Time minus Time Bonus or exclude certain glitches. Otherwise all glitches that are fair game on the leaderboard are allowed with no restrictions and IGT will be the default.

Additionally, please expect if you are to participate on stream you will be expected to limit profanity and other certain topics much like you would on a GDQ stream.

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