Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) Speedrunning Tournament Announced

The SonicSpeedrunCommunity is announcing the Sonic 1 Glitchless Tournament!

A weekend (Dec. 19th-20th) long event filled with head-to-head races of runners of all skill-levels competing to be the champion of the very first outing of Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) for the SEGA Genesis. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate!

Much like our other Tourneys this will be hosted on the SonicSpeedrunCommunity Twitch page:

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Rules and Game Info

We’ll be racing the Sonic 1: Beat the Game – Glitchless Category with the following Ruleset:

Leaderboard standard rules

Version: NTSC Sega Genesis

  • Timing will be IGT (In-Game Time). This means you add up the final time of each level after completing them to total the length of your run.
  • Any deaths also count towards your in-game time. Add the amount of time lost (time at end of fade-out after death) minus time when you reappear. (You can find the autosplitter script on LiveSplit and activate it.)
  • The following emulators are legal for runs: 

Event Specific Rules

  • Level Select may only be used to resume your race after a game over at the first act of the stage you died in. It may also be used at the beginning of the race to avoid Attract mode from impeding player start time.
    (PLEASE NOTE: Use of Level Select WILL invalidate any run it is used for and that run will not be admissible to the Leaderboard)
  • Pausing against the spirit of the race will incur a time penalty that will be added to the split in question. 

Glitchless-specific Rules & Definitions

  • No Zipping
  • No Level wrap
  • No Slope glitch
  • No clipping through solid floors (do not skip the crusher in Marble 1, jump through the wall in Star Light 2, or skip the cutscene in Scrap Brain 2)

Tournament Info and Format


Sign-ups are open from November 14th to December 5th.


  • The Tournament will run Saturday to Sunday, December 19th – 20th from 8am-8pm EST each day.
  • Their Tournament Brackets will be managed on which you can find here.
  • All racers must broadcast their races live.


Group Stage

  • Group Stages will be a Single Elimination Bracket with Best of 1 races. From here a total 8 racers will move onto bracket stage. Seeding will be based off of your best time on the Sonic 1: Beat the Game – Glitchless Board on OR from #pb-updates in the Sonic 1 Tournament Category in the Tournament server as of December 5th.
  • Races will be factored with an expected duration and tech setup of approximate 40 minutes. We will try to show the entirety of each race, but may cut away after one player has won only in the interest of time.
  • Depending on the amount of participants and due to time constraints, some races from the group stage may occur off stream and will be refereed by some of our team and volunteers. In these cases, the results of these off stream races will be shared on the stream as soon as the results are reported.
  • The team will select some ‘Featured’ races to broadcast on the stream for Group Stage. Selection will be based off of both open availability and a mixture of racers of all skill levels.
  • After Group stage is completed, we’ll be moving into the Bracket Stage.

Bracket Stage

  • Top 8 matches will be Double Elimination matches, with a Winners bracket and a Losers bracket.
  • All Top 8 players will first face off against each other and then Winners will remain in the top bracket while losers will fall down to the losers bracket and compete for the chance to face against the finalist in Winners Bracket.
  • All Top 8 matches will be Best of 3 Matches and Grand will be a Best of 5 with the finalist of Winners Bracket getting a Winners Advantage of 1 win.
  • All of the Top 8 matches will be broadcast on the stream live until their conclusion.

Key Dates

AnnouncementNovember 14th
Sign-Ups CloseDecember 5th
Tech ChecksDecember 11th – 16th
Schedule & Brackets FinalizedNo Later than December 16th
Day 1 of TourneyDecember 19th
Day 2 of TourneyDecember 20th 
Highlights of EventNo Later than January 2nd

Watch and Follow Event

The Event will be broadcast live on the SonicSpeedrunCommunity Twitch here.

The Brackets will be hosted here on

You can follow the Sonic Speedrun Community’s Twitter @SonicSpeedrunCo for the most up to date information on this event.

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