Sonic 3: AIR Tournament Details Unveiled

The SonicSpeedrunCommunity is announcing the Sonic 3 AIR Tournament.


The SonicSpeedrunCommunity has announced the Sonic 3 AIR Tournament. A weekend (Sept. 25th-27th) long event filled with Head-to-Head Races of runners of all skill-levels, Competing to be the Champion of Sonic 3: Angel Island Revisited.

Much like their other Tourneys this is be hosted on the SonicSpeedrunCommunity Twitch page:

Make sure to tune in and see the Action this Friday!

Rules and Game Info

Racers will be battling out in the Sonic+Tails Bad Ending Category with the following Ruleset:

Leaderboard standard rules

Version: v20.04.26.0

  • Timing will be RTA
  • Time will start when you select a New File or No save file
  • You must have Big Arms Boss set to All Characters
  • Don’t collect the Chaos Emeralds
  • Cutscene skips by going back to the File Menu are allowed.
  • Time will end upon the white screen of the final boss

Additionally: No mods to the game, including music mods. The mod loader should only be used to configure runner’s controller.

All other settings are runner’s personal preference!

To get yourself started speedrunning you can check out the Quick-Start Guide here:

Tournament Info and Format

Sign-ups were open until Sept. 12th: Sonic 3 AIR Signup Form

The Tournament will run live Friday to Sunday, September 25th – 27th from 8am-8pm EDT each day. Their Tournament Brackets will be managed on which you can find here. All racers must broadcast their races live, offline or otherwise.

Group Stage

Group Stages will be a Single Elimination Bracket with Best of 1 races. From here a total 8 racers will move onto bracket stage. Seeding will be based off of your best time on the S3Air Board on OR from #pb-updates in the Tournament server as of September 12th.

Depending on the amount of participants and due to time constraints because of game length, some races from the group stage may occur off stream and will be refereed by some of our team and volunteers. The results of these off stream races will be broadcast on the stream as soon as the results are reported.

The team will select some ‘Featured’ races to broadcast on the stream for Group Stage. Selection will be based off of both open availability and a mixture of racers of all skill levels.

After Group stage is completed, we’ll be moving into the Bracket Stage

Bracket Stage

Top 8 matches will be Double Elimination matches, with a Winners bracket and a Losers bracket. Semi-finals will be Bo3 and Finals will be Bo5 with a Winners Advantage of 1 win.

All of the Top 8 matches will be broadcast on the stream live until their conclusion.

Where to watch?

The tournament will be broadcast live from 8am to 8pm Eastern Time from Friday, September 25th to Sunday, September 27th on the SonicSpeedrunCommunity Twitch.

Who will take the crown? Tune in and find out!

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