Team Sonic Racing Qualifier Tournaments announced

First-ever competitive Team Sonic Racing tournaments are going live!

Registration for the Team Sonic Racing: Qualifier Tourney is now open for all systems until the event starts!

Make sure to join the Team Sonic Racers Discord or else you can’t compete!


  • Each Team will have a leader to be relied upon to sign up and  input the scores on Challonge.
  • Must check in 30 minutes before the Tournaments starts, if not you’re disqualified. 
  • Be respectful and have good sportsmanship!


  • Every race is Best out of 5 which means a Team has to win 3 races to advance the bracket.
  • Every round of a race will be 1v1s which means: Team ??? VS Team ???
  • Double Elimination: Once a Team loses a set in both Winners and Losers they are out of the tourney. If a Team from losers bracket reaches grand finals they must win 2 sets of bo5 against the Team in winners bracket.
  • Bans are enabled. First match of every round will be 1-2-1. Each team will ban 2 tracks with the next turn of a team choosing the track. After the race the winning team can ban 2 tracks with the losing team choosing the next track to race on.


If anything goes wrong like miscalculated wins please tell the mods in Team Sonic Racers Discord server.

How to enter tournament

Depending on how many Teams there are. For example Teams that have reached top 10 will be enable to enter the Championships.


PlayStation 4

Xbox One

Nintendo Switch

Steam (PC)

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