Analyst’s Response to Sonic Hacking Contest 2015

As part of the Sonic News Channel’s continuing coverage of Sonic Hacking Contest 2015, editor Ryan Scarlett spoke with fan-hacking enthusiast ChronosZX.

‘Sonic 1: The Next Level’ is currently leading at the Hidden Palace Community Trophy, Windy Valley Community Trophy, D.A. Garden Community Trophy, and the TSSZ Poll. The numbers for the Windy Valley Community Trophy , especially, are astonishing. The said game is winning by a overwhelming majority vote. Given the fact this game has mad respect from the people as it shows on the polls, what you do you think the future holds for ‘Sonic 1: The Next Level’?

For Sonic 1: The Next Level I found that a fantastic hack and I find the future for it to be a good one, I thoroughly enjoyed it and the anti-gravity gimmick and boss really made me speechless. I hope MarkeyJester does continue the hack and bring in new content

What’s your opinion of the livestreams featured by the Sonic Hacking Contest? They were a hit this year, was able to spur a new hashtag: “#SHC2015Memes”. Did the livestreams do good this year, or should there be more presented to the table?

I didn’t watch many of the livestreams but the ones I did watch were mainly from SomecallmeJohnny and MegaGWolf and I thoroughly enjoyed them. I wish some of the livestreamers would actually host a large call on something such as Skype or something else to engage with the audience better since sometimes when people type their message Twitch or YouTube gets an explosion of messages at that very time and it looks like they’re being ignored

Throughout this week, the website for the Sonic Hacking Contest suffered minor to major glitches. The site bugged out trying to update the livestreams section and on the beginning of the week, users couldn’t download any hack for the majority of the day due to major server errors; leading to the point MediaFire links were handed out. What’s your opinion on the stability of SHC2015’s website?

And I can’t really give an opinion based on the stability of SHC2015’s website since I rarely went on it after I downloaded all the entries before hand. The server errors I’m not surprised with considering how popular the SHC is within the Sonic community and I’m glad a back-up link was provided.

This article was originally published on 25 October 2015 by the Sonic News Channel, a former subsidiary of the Sonic News Network. Original content produced by the Sonic News Channel was inherited by Tails’ Channel as of 23 October 2017.

This article was revised for clarity, and is presented for educational and informational purposes.

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