Team Tails’ Channel’s thoughts on Sonic Colours Ultimate

The team at Tails’ Channel have a lot to share about the newly-released Sonic Colours remaster.

As part of the celebration of Sonic the Hedgehog’s 30th anniversary, 2010’s Sonic Colours was brought back to modern consoles and PC in the form of Sonic Colours Ultimate.

Sonic Colours Ultimate

Sonic Colours Ultimate
65 100 0 1
It has been met with divisive reactions from the community. But, a good port lies underneath the glitches that need to be patched as soon as possible. Here are a quick rundown of thoughts from the Tails' Channel team:
It has been met with divisive reactions from the community. But, a good port lies underneath the glitches that need to be patched as soon as possible.
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  • Azul
    75/100 Very good
    Sonic Colours is still my least favorite boost Sonic game, but I'd be lying if isn't a fun one. It's a fun time for fans and newcomers alike, and Colours Ultimate, with just some patches, could very well be the Ultimate way for fans to experience the game. I'll give the remaster the same grade I gave to the original all of those years back.
  • Donnie
    75/100 Very good
    I feel that, if this game got some more polish, and Rival Races was balanced a bit more, I think it could be argued that this game is better than the original. But for now, I think the original Sonic Colours just edges out by a few points.
  • Dakiii
    70/100 Good
    Sonic Colours is a joy to play through, listen to, and experience, but leaves much to be desired in terms of level design, with an abundance of blocky 2D platforming, not enough 3D sections where you aren’t quickstepping, on rails or drifting, and one or two Wisps that just are never all that fun to use (looking at you for the most part, Cube).
  • Cybrid
    60/100 Normal
    It's definitely not a perfect remaster by any means, but I still had fun despite the problems I encountered. I really hope those glitches can be patched. Don't let my experience stop you from trying it out yourself. I encourage you to pick it up and form your own opinion because everyone's experience is different.
  • Ryan
    60/100 Normal
    The long-awaited Sonic Colours remaster brought a number of genuine quality-of-life improvements. The Jade Ghost wisp and Rival Rush gameplay mode were appreciated. I will not be surprised if Ultimate was a test bed for a future look at customization in the next mainline game. With all of that in mind, I found the questionable quality control too insurmountable to ignore. Here's hoping a lesson was learned for future remasters.
  • Evan
    50/100 Neutral
    I am happy Colours Ultimate is reviewing well, but my experience as a Sonic fan, and the overall quality of the review copy I’m playing, makes it feel.... unearned. I can’t shake the feeling Sonic may simply be held to a lower standard now.

We agreed on:

  • Updated visuals and graphics
  • Jade wisp
  • New remixed soundtrack

We disagreed on:

  • Bloom and blur effects
  • Lack of adjustment for Tails Save or soundtrack
  • Prevalance of bugs and glitches in certain ports
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