Covers for Tails’ 30th Anniversary Special

Join Ian Flynn, Aaron Hammerstrom, and Reggie Graham in celebrating Classic Tails’s 30th Anniversary! A comic all about the cutest, smartest, bravest fox around?! Heck yeah! Best buds Sonic and Tails are off to Flicky Island for a much needed vacation! But the relaxing beaches and beautiful mountains have been replaced by railroad tracks and giant crystals–scaring off the Flickies! Tails will have to put on a brave face to defeat the magical villain: Witchcart!

Here are all the covers for Tails’ 30th Anniversary Special.

Cover A

Artwork by Aaron Hammerstrom.

Cover B

Artwork by Thomas Rothlisberger and Ryan Kingdom.

Retail Incentive Cover

Artwork by Tracy Yardley & Matt Herms.

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