Covers for IDW Sonic The Hedgehog Issue 50

Will Starline’s meticulous planning be enough to defeat Sonic and Dr. Eggman?

Here are the covers for the 50th issue of IDW Publishing’s Sonic the Hedgehog.

Cover A

Cover by Yui Karasuno.

Cover B

Cover by Evan Stanley.


Cover C

Cover by Adam Bryce Thomas & Matt Herms.

Cover D

Cover by Johnathan H. Gray.

Cover E

Cover by Nibroc.

Cover F

Cover by Thomas Rothlisberger & Valtentino Pinto.

Retail Incentive Cover 1:10

Cover by Nathalie Fourdraine.

Retail Incentive Cover 1:25

Cover by Tyson Hesse.

Online Exclusive Cover

Artwork Gigi Dutreix.

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