Thoughts & Impressions on Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 54

The Dramatic Conclusion to Central City! Not only will Sonic and Surge face off again, but new threats begin to show their faces…

The conclusion to Surge’s attack on Central City finally arrives, but how does it hold up? Surge has been hyped as a major antagonist, so how does the issue follow up on it?


Story impressions

This issue finishes the confrontation Surge and Whisper had in Central City, as Sonic and Tails fight Surge after she had stolen all of Whisper’s wisps. Surge is a powerhouse in this issue, seeming like a huge threat as she had taken down Whisper. However, she loses not by being overpowered but outwitted by Tails who overcharges her with batteries. She proceeds to lose consciousness, with Sonic and Tails attempting to remove her Dynamo Cage.

Unfortunately, Kit sees this and misunderstands the situation. Believing Tails and Sonic actually intended to kill Surge. This was not a good look for Sonic as he had Kit believe Surge died. Kit then decides to escape with Surge and nurse her back to health, which then regains consciousness. Kit takes Surge to Starline’s old hideout, where they plan their next moves. Meanwhile, Tails and Sonic promise to Whisper she will get back her wisps, who are distraught. 

Overall, this issue finishes the arc well while setting up plans for the next arc. The plot is entertaining to read, however it goes by a little too fast. It doesn’t feel like Surge had a proper moment to face off against Sonic. However, the issue makes up for it by excelling in the characterizations.


Sonic and Tails face off against Surge in this issue, and are characterized well. Sonic is the fun-loving, snarky hero we love and Tails uses his smarts to win the battle at the end of the day.

This issue does exceptionally well is showcasing exactly who Surge is and why she is such a great character. Surge being the powerhouse she is intends to become much more powerful, which leads her to take Whisper’s wisps. This obsession is her biggest flaw making her clumsy, as shown in the comic by her walking unknowingly into a trap. This also makes it fitting she loses by being outsmarted rather than overpowered.

She is saved by Kit, who reunites with her after thinking she was dead. He feels betrayed by Sonic, thinking he was going to kill her. While I’m not a fan of the “Not What It Looks Like” trope, I will say it’s well done here. Kit had been raised by Starline to be devoted to Surge, so it makes sense she’s his first priority. However, I can see a reader feeling like Kit would stop to listen to Sonic rather than attack. 

Speaking of Starline, the story does a great job displaying how he has mentally toyed with Surge. While he is presumed dead, he is still a character in hallucinations done by Surge. No matter where Surge goes, she will always be affected by Starline.

There’s a masterful panel after Kit breaks Surge out of her hallucination and it’s just them in a black background. All that’s left is the two of them, a few drops of water, and the lantern Kit is holding. It focuses the reader’s attention on the two of them and makes them understand at the moment nothing in the world matters to those characters.


Evan Stanley returns with great line art. She is good with character expressions, which are utilized well in sad scenes. She also illustrates detailed backgrounds that do not show clutter. Natalie Haines also illustrates some pages and does a great job of keeping the art consistent. An issue comics have with two artists on the same issue is the jump between art styles will be noticeable to the reader. This can have the ability to snap the reader out of the story and distracts them from being immersed in the story. Luckily it was difficult to notice the changes.

Reggie Graham excels with colors as well, being able to give good color during high emotion scenes. The scene where Tails and Kit have an argument is greatly enhanced by the reds and oranges added to the panels. When Kit and Surge get back to Starline’s base, it feels dark and lonely thanks to the colors.


Overall this issue was great and is a must-read for any fan of the comics. The only issue is the faster pacing, it could be easy to get lost in all of the action. It’s recommended that readers read the previous issues of this arc to get the full experience and enjoyment.

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