Solicitation for IDW Sonic Issue 26

“All or Nothing,” Part One. This is it. The few remaining fighters from the Restoration and their allies are ready to launch a final assault to reclaim the Chaos Emeralds and finally eliminate the Metal Virus. Can they defeat the Chaos Emeralds’ new protectors, or will they all fall-and why isn’t Sonic part of the fight?

One last desperate attempt to save the world will take all the help Sonic can get-including from some former foes!
With everyone exhausted as the world falls, will they be able to stand up to Chaos Emerald-powered bad guys and zombots?!

Release date: 04 March 2020

Writer: Ian Flynn

Artist: Evan Stanley

Cover A: Evan Stanley

Cover B: Aaron Hammerstrom & Reggie Graham

Cover RI: Nathalie Fourdraine

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