Tangle the Lemur and Whisper the Wolf to appear in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

The IDW Sonic duo will now appear in two SEGA HARDlight games.

Tangle the Lemur and Whisper the Wolf will be featured in a three-part in-game event within Sonic Forces: Speed Battle, SEGA HARDlight has confirmed.

Fearless friends and fan favourites Tangle & Whisper join #SonicForces Mobile. Both rare runners will arrive into the battle in a 3-part event!


The announcement came after Tails’ Channel confirmed a recent data mine of Sonic Dash that uncovered models and textures of the well-known IDW Sonic duo.

The three events, promptly named “It’s Hero Time!”, “Guardian Angel”, and “Egg Pawn Assault 2.0”, will plan to incentive players to unlock the two new characters.

The details

SEGA HARDlight has provided a snippet of what will be presented during the three-part event. Take a look.

It’s Hero Time!

Tangle the Lemur is fearlessly leaping into action to protect her friends, and the world, from the diabolical Eggman!

Guardian Angel

Whisper the Wolf can stay in the shadows no more! She must protect those she cares about with her powerful Variable Wispon. Both characters will arrive with unique new items each!

Egg Pawn Assault 2.0

After they have had their own events, team up with the rest of the Resistance to battle the Eggman Army in this awesome Community Event.

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