IDW’s Sonic The Hedgehog Volume 1 reprints & 2nd volume gets announced

IDW Publishing‘s Sonic The Hedgehog was announced to come to Japan back in March and to be published by Wise Publishing. It has release in early May. On July 16, 2020 Wise Publishing has announced on their Twitter that the comic volume released earlier this year has gone well and has good reception. Copies have been coming have shelves since it’s release without losing any momentum.

A second volume will be announced soon according to Wise Publishing. It’s safe to assume that IDW Sonic The Hedgehog has been a success in Japan.

Edit July 25, 2020: On July 22, Ebten announced on their twitter that Sonic The Hedgehog Volume 2 will have three versions of the volume, each having a different cover. Here is each cover that have been revealed.

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