IDW Sonic the Hedgehog panel to take place at WonderCon 2021

First details related to IDW Sonic and the franchise’s upcoming anniversary are going to be revealed at WonderCon.

WonderCon has confirmed that it’ll hold a Sonic the Hedgehog panel, gearing towards more the IDW comics scene, for the virtual WonderCon@Home event.

With the title of “IDW and SEGA Kick-off a Year-Long Celebration of Sonic the Hedgehog’s 30th Anniversary at WonderCon!”, the event plans to begin the celebration of the Sonic series’ 30th anniversary with the latest comic book news and announcements.

The creative minds behind IDW’s blockbuster Sonic The Hedgehog comics break down Sonic’s 30th Anniversary in 2021. The team will announce details about the Sonic 30th Anniversary Comic Special with guest appearances by top-secret blockbuster talent who will be writing Sonic comics in 2021!

WonderCon statement

The event will not be related to the general anniversary announcements, which will be announced by SEGA at a later time.


  • Bracardi Curry, IDW Sonic the Hedgehog and Annual 2020 colorist, inker, and cover artist
  • Evan Stanley, IDW Sonic the Hedgehog writer and artist
  • Gale Galligan, 30th Anniversary Special and Sonic Free Comic Book Day writer
  • Ian Flynn, IDW Sonic the Hedgehog and Bad Guys writer
  • Michael Cisneros, SEGA of America manager of licensing
  • David Mariotte, IDW Publishing editor and panel moderator

The panel will happen in 26 March at 2:00 pm, Eastern Time, with a duration of one hour.

Tails’ Channel will simulcast live coverage of the IDW Sonic panel on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and on

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