Metallic Madness 2023: procedure for selecting the content creators in the 2023 tournament

As previously announced, four new content creators will be nominated as Community division representatives in the 2023 Metallic Madness Community Tournament.

Due to a low turnaround of entries following the public nomination form deadline on Monday 13 March, the Selection Committee invited select content creators for a chance to be featured in the tournament.

We are pleased to announce that we will proceed with our planned procedure of the Community Draft, which will begin around 10:00 pm ET.

9:30 pm ET is the last call for content creators to confirm their invite.

The individuals who accepted their invite, or successfully applied through the public nomination form, will be entered into the special Community nomination pool. They are no further instructions for them at this time.

Per our procedure, four nominees will be drawn at random from the Community Draft pool, and seeded sequentially into the Community division knockout bracket of the Metallic Madness tournament.

The match-ups for the content creators were decided on Sunday’s Tournament Selection Show. They are:

  • Content Creator A vs. RadioSEGA (Friday 17 March, 7:25 pm ET)
  • Content Creator B vs. /r/SonicTheHedgehog (Thursday 16 March, 9;55 pm ET)
  • Content Creator C vs. Sonic Team Argentina (Thursday 16 March, 1:50 pm ET)
  • Content Creator D vs. Sonic News Network (Thursday 16 March, 7:25 pm ET)

Please stand by for the official draft list, coming up in the next hour.

Metallic Madness is a single elimination knockout bracket that will feature 64 unique entrants from the vast world of Sonic the Hedgehog official media and fandom. Fans from around the world determine the outcome of each match by voting in a series of polls on Twitter until one is crowned the winner.

For details about the 2023 tournament and procedures, please go the official microsite.

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