Metallic Madness 2023: first look at official bracket, tournament pools

Here’s the official divisional pools for Metallic Madness 2023, the single-elimination fandom tournament featuring your favourite Sonic the Hedgehog characters, media, and communities.

Games poolComics poolUniverse poolCommunity pool
(1) Silver the Hedgehog*
Amy Rose
Big the Cat
Blaze the Cat
Charmy Bee
Cream the Rabbit
Doctor Eggman
Espio the Chameleon
Knuckles the Echidna
Metal Sonic
Miles “Tails” Prower
Rouge the Bat
Shadow the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog
Vector the Crocodile
(1) Whisper the Wolf*
Belle the Tinkerer
Doctor Starline
Don the Rooster
E-117 Sigma
Jewel the Beetle
Kit the Fennec
Lanolin the Sheep
Mecha Knuckles
Mecha Sonic
Nite the Owl
Rough the Skunk
Surge the Tenrec
Tangle the Lemur
Tumble the Skunk
(1) Agent Stone*
Batten Rouge
Knuckles the Dread
Mangey Tails
Rebel Rouge
Renegade Knucks
Rusty Rose
Tails Nine
Thorn Rose
Super Sonic
(1) Sonic Team Argentina*
Chaos Creators
Sonic Amateur Games Expo
Sonic Hacking Contest
Sonic News Network
Sonic Paradox
Sonic Retro
Sonic Revolution
Sonic Stadium
Sonic the Hedgeblog
Content Creator A^
Content Creator B^
Content Creator C^
Content Creator D^
* = Entrant automatically seeded due to winning their respective division in 2022.
^ = Placeholders for selected content creators. To be determined in the Community Draft at a later date.

The pools for the 2023 Metallic Madness Community Tournament will be unveiled on Saturday 11 March. The tournament bracket will be finalized during the Selection Show on Sunday 12 March on Tails’ Channel’s Twitch account.

The nominees for the Community Draft will be unveiled in no particular order on Tuesday 14 March. Four of the nominees will be randomly drawn into the tournament bracket on Wednesday 15 March.

Here is the official 2023 tournament graphic at this time.

Metallic Madness is a single elimination knockout bracket that will feature 64 unique entrants from the vast world of Sonic the Hedgehog official media and fandom. Fans from around the world determine the outcome of each match by voting in a series of polls on Twitter until one is crowned the winner.

For details about the 2023 tournament and procedures, please go the official microsite.

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