News policies

Factual Errors Policy

Tails’ Channel believes the only way to preserve our integrity–and therefore our trust with you, our reader–is to ensure we get a story right. If we make a mistake on a piece, we have a responsibility to correct it as soon as possible, and if necessary, cite the correction within the story.

If a story on this website contains a factual error that we haven’t yet corrected, please send us a news tip citing the story and what’s wrong.

Retraction Policy

If a factual error within an article fundamentally changes its meaning, the entire article will be retracted.

Sensitive Materials Policy

Newsworthy but sensitive materials published on Tails’ Channel will automatically remain online for a pre-determined, finite period, if widespread efforts are underway to suppress the material at other news sources. The period will apply from the time of a story’s original publication. If, after such period has passed, the qualifications for retraction have not been fully met, the story will remain permanently published.

This rule will be in effect regardless of whether we receive a cease and desist on a story or not. The term “widespread” will be subject to the jurisdiction of the staff member who published the story.

The rule will apply to secondary and some primary source material sent into us via News Tips, anonymously or otherwise, or materials publicly found via secondary sources. So, if we are forwarded sensitive material first published elsewhere, we will publish it, but if successful efforts are underway to eradicate the story on the primary source or on other sites who picked it up, our story will be retracted after a certain period.

The rule will not apply to primary source material that results from independent research. This includes materials sent in via a news tip that is not publicly available anywhere else, or materials we independently check and research via our own sources. So, if we were given sensitive materials or details that haven’t already been made available through other channels, and it’s on the record, this rule would not take effect.

The rule will not apply if the materials were obtained from other readily available material. So, anything from an early upload of materials or details to poor coding on a website will not be subject to this rule.

The rule will not apply to fan projects, except specific instances where elements of a fan work may be considered original, and possibly protected by separate copyrights (for example, an original game engine). In those instances, we will not cite those specific, original works–though Tails’ Channel will still reference other materials not covered under this exception.

Comments Policy

Users of the discussion system on Tails’ Channel, including unregistered users, are expected to shows both common sense and respect in their remarks. Debate is encouraged, and at times it will get heated. Still, inflammatory, unintelligible, trolling, or otherwise offensive comments are subject to editing or deletion. Excessive violation of this provision risks a ban from commenting. While the tolerance level for comments on Tails’ Channel is fairly high, second chances after violations are rare.

Endorsement Policy

From time to time, Tails’ Channel and its staff members may receive free products, like games for review, or other provided material by manufacturers. It is the policy of Tails’ Channel to disclose to our readers whenever our staff receives such material. This rule also applies to fan works.

Tails’ Channel will also disclose reception of any gifts from companies or individuals whose specific products we write about. The disclosure will be cited in articles as necessary. In some cases, disclosures may be necessary in news articles.

This policy was adapted with permission by the staff and management of TSSZ News, an affiliate of Tails’ Channel.