Sonic voice cast to return, Amy confirmed “mysterious voice” in Sonic Frontiers, says Thormann

Things appear to be business as usual for Sonic’s English voice over cast

The English voice over cast for the Sonic the Hedgehog video game franchise will return in the upcoming mainline game Sonic Frontiers, SEGA’s Justin Thormann said in a livestream late Thursday.

Thormann, known as the social media specialist for Sonic Official, seemingly confirmed that the voice over cast will reprise their roles, as well as inferred that Amy Rose was the “mysterious voice” featured in the newest reveal trailer for Frontiers.

“We got Roger as Sonic, Colleen returning as Tails… Cindy as Amy, her voice is actually the one you hear in the trailer. Mike Pollock is back, he’s still our Eggman.”

Justin Thormann

Much of the English voice over cast remained consistent for the past decade, with actor Roger Craig Smith headlining the group as the voice of the blue blur since 2010.

The “mysterious voice” was rumoured by fans to be the voice of Amy Rose following a number of Japanese reports and subtitle descriptions that inferred that role. Beyond Thormann’s quote, SEGA has yet to officially confirm the concept via a press release.

A screenshot of Xbox’s re-upload of the Sonic Frontiers trailer that seemingly hinted Amy Rose as the “mysterious voice” in the subtitles. (SEGA)

The social media specialist also added that the marketing for Frontiers will ramp up towards the latter part of 2022, when the game gets closer to its eventual release in the holidays that same year.

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