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In-depth look at Sonic Colours Ultimate reveals collectable gold coins and Tails head items

Today, we got our first look at Sonic Colors Ultimate footage thanks to artist Brian Connelly, where we learned about some of the upgraded visual aspects, as well as a brand new gameplay mechanic if you knew where to look.

Yellow Blocks Shader

Let’s take a quick look at the new Yellow Blocks on Sweet Mountain, and you should be able to spot a few very interesting things.

For one, there’s a brand new collectible in the level itself taking the form of a Golden Coin. It remains to be seen what purpose it’ll serve, but it’s a nice thing to note nonetheless. There’s also a Tails Head item as well.

Second, if you take a look at the homing attack reticle locked onto the Spring, you’ll notice it going from red, to green to then red again. This seems to imply that there could be a new mechanic introduced into the game. For clarification purposes and lack of an official name, I will be dubbing as the Perfect Homing Attack or PHA for short.

The official website already hinted at this with the following information:

Accelerate to adrenaline-pumping super speed, zoom across challenging worlds, and maneuver through hazardous obstacles. Time your attacks perfectly to charge your Boost and reach Super Sonic speeds.


It would seem this new Perfect Homing Attack timing will allows us to either perform the Attack faster, or gain more Boost off of it. This remains to be seen.

Let’s get some of the new visual aspects out of the way with some direct images from the game:

New Panning Shader

New Barrier Shader

Reflective Gold Ring

Blue Blocks (Cube) Shader

Separate Underwater Shader

New Water Shader

Light Platforms Shader

Metal Sonic Jet VFX

Torpedo Enemy VFX

Overhauled light road shader for Starlight Carnival

Shader for floats throughout Starlight Carnival

h/t affiliates via Brian Connelly

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