New Sonic 30th licencing advertisement teases “more in 2022”

The latest issue of License Global unveiled a new advertisement that featured the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise’s 30th anniversary.

The advertisement, now in its second iteration, teased the usual “games, movies, animations, mobile, and partnerships,” but with a new tag: “and more in 2022.”

The advertisement featured the same key art that was unveiled by a competing licencing magazine: “Unstoppable for Generations.” (License Global)

With the Sonic movie sequel and Sonic Prime scheduled for 2022, the vague disclosure led many fans to believe that the next game or mainline title won’t be unveiled or released until next year.

New details related to the brand were also revealed in a related article.

  • SEGA is working closely with Paramount Pictures on major merch initiatives.
  • TOMY International confirmed they will produce a line of Sonic characters in the style of Club Mocchi-Mocchi.
  • There are plans for “location-based entertainment programs,” said SEGA licencing and partnership director Alex Gomez.
  • SEGA building a roster of licensees to help them “round out” consumer products related to the movie and 30th Anniversary.

It seems that 2022 is gonna be a busy year for Sonic fans with a movie sequel, a new cartoon series, merchandise, and other various items.

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