Limited-time Knuckles costume to appear in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

A new collaboration between the Sonic series and the hit game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been confirmed.

Ahead of the echidna’s debut in the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie sequel, a Knuckles costume will be available to obtain for a limited time in Mediatonic’s hit title, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

“We’re delighted to reveal that Knuckles is speeding into Fall Guys…no Lock-On Technology required!” (Mediatonic)

Developers confirmed early Wednesday that the costume can be acquired in two parts, as usual for the game:

  • Knuckles costume (Upper) – 11,000 kudos
  • Knuckles costume (Lower) – 11,000 kudos

This is the second Sonic character to be featured in Fall Guys, following a similar Sonic costume launch last October. Mediatonic also entertained the idea of “more shenanigans” with the Sonic series next year, a hint of future costume collaborations to come.

Replete with signature sneakers, spiked gloves and aerodynamic scarlet hair-do, you’ll have everything you need for a bean makeover worthy of the Master Emerald guardian themself.


The Knuckles the Echidna costume will be available for a limited time only, from 12 to 14 November.

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