New Sonic Colours Ultimate gameplay shown at E3 2021

Fans got a better glimpse at the upcoming Sonic Colours remaster.

As the Electronic Entertainment Expo takes place, more gameplay related to Sonic Colours Ultimate have been showcased, giving fans more insight into how the game will look, as well as some new features.

Gameinformer showcased some new gameplay of Planet Wisp Act 1, showing the improved graphics.

Sonic Colours Ultimate Gameplay of Planet Wisp Act 1. (Gameinformer)

IGN also showed off exclusive Sonic Colours Ultimate gameplay of Asteroid Coaster Act 1. An aspect that was apparent to some fans was that Doctor Eggman’s voice lines sound louder, making it easier to listen.

Sonic Colours Ultimate gameplay of Asteroid Coaster Act 1. (IGN)

Finally, footage of Tropical Resort Act 2 was shown at E3 2021’s Future Game Show. One notable feature was shown at the end: a timer of how long the player is able to move around at the result screen to score points and collectibles.

These new snippets have allowed fans to get a better insight into the remaster, and what to expect from it.

Keep your eyes open at Tails’ Channel for more Sonic Colours Ultimate updates.

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