“No plans for a new Sonic Central broadcast; will be considered in the future,” says SEGA

Fans might have to wait a while until they get a new Sonic Central.

More context on a new Sonic Central was relayed today by Katie Chrzanowski, manager of the official Sonic the Hedgehog social media accounts.

In the season five premiere of Sonic Official, Chrzanowski answered a fan-submitted question if another Sonic Central was being planned. In a reply, she teased that Central could return, but later expressed that there are no immediate plans for a new episode right now.

There might be. There’s not one planned, we will be candid about that. There is not one in the works right now, but it was a really great way to bring news to you all; so, we may consider doing that again in the future.

Katie Chrzanowski, SEGA of America

It is worth keeping in mind that, while there are no plans for a new Sonic Central, there is some consideration of another one happening in the future, said Chrzanowski.

Sonic Central was a special programme produced by SEGA of America to reveal the latest announcements related to Sonic the Hedgehog’s 30th anniversary. It has been met with positive reception from most in the community, with some fans eager to see a new one in the future.

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