SEGA mentions “Sonic Rangers” in a old press release published by accident

SEGA accidentally confirms the Sonic Rangers name for the next main Sonic game through a press release.

SEGA today acknowledged an press statement that may have been accidentally sent to a number of press outlets that referred to a title that was not officially disclosed in Thursday’s Sonic Central presentation.

A statement published by the company yesterday afternoon was believed to refer the next mainline Sonic game as Sonic Rangers, a title that was leaked in official images the previous day.

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In a reply to Eurogamer, SEGA said that yesterday’s statement was an “incorrect” revision. The company did not comment any further on the Sonic Rangers title.

The acknowledgement came after data miners and Tails’ Channel members uncovered the metadata from promotional images that mysteriously disclosed the Sonic Rangers title. The news is expected to fuel online speculation if more information about Rangers may have be published in the past, much of which remains to be unconfirmed.

For more updates related to Sonic’s next main game, keep your eyes open on Tails’ Channel.

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  1. What if SEGA put the name ‘Rangers’ in the media’s metadata knowing people would look into this and it is actually fake to protect the real game’s name from being spoilt? And they have just seen the leaks online and picked one and put it’s title in as a ‘decoy’ I know there is some of Sonic’s features in the trailer that are included in the leak and gives it credit but what if these things are in another game? Such as the ‘running in a loop’ attack, ‘boost going into cyberspace’ etc. I have a feeling it isn’t going to be called ‘Rangers’ but something else… I don’t know if I am making sense here? LOL I suppose we will find out in time. Hopefully we will know more on June 23rd?

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