Sonic Frontiers combat mechanics showcased for the first time

“You’ll need to use Sonic’s speed and skills in order to outsmart and outmaneuver his foes out in the open zone.”

Following Tuesday’s first look at the highly anticipated Sonic Frontiers, American outlet IGN gave fans today a sneak peak at the upcoming mainline game’s combat mechanics.

The six minute video illustrated how Sonic will handle his enemies in Frontiers; with the hedgehog dodging, throwing punches, kicks, and using his new move, the spin cycle.

The gameplay allowed fans to get a glimpse at the game’s enemies with appearances generally atypical for the Sonic series. Robots that resemble eyes, ninjas and umbrellas have appeared for Sonic to fight against.

The enemy that got the most attention out of the presentation was the titan robot, massive in scope. The gameplay showed that there were different ways the player can do damage on it, like attacking the robot’s sole.

With summer gaming events beginning to ramp up, IGN is expected to unveil more details concerning Frontiers next Tuesday, with a slate of “interviews with the game director and Sonic Team boss,” and a hands-on preview still on the way.

Sonic Frontiers will be released in 2022 for the Xbox and PlayStation platforms, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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