Sonic Frontiers images seemingly leaked from Summer Game Fest in-person event

Leaks related to Sonic’s next main game, Sonic Frontiers, have begun to surface online.

Sonic Frontiers, for the first time, has a demo available for journalists and professionals to play as part of Summer Game Fest’s in-person event in Los Angeles, California.

As the event went on, some people have managed to obtain a look at the game, with confirmation of some aspects related to the title.

Traditional level sneak peek?

Fans were able to spot new gameplay via Square Enix’s Instagram story, with Sonic running through what some assumed was a linear/traditional level that Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka has commented about. The detail cannot be confirmed at the moment of writing.

Gameplay of Sonic Frontiers spotted at Summer Game Fest.

First look at HUD?

A feature lacking in all the footage thus far was the lack of a heads-up-display, or HUD, but through the Game Fest leaks. It now has been confirmed through images that the game will indeed have such a feature. What got fans’ attention the most was the presence of what appeared to be a speedometer at the bottom right.

New moves and cutscenes

Spanish news outlet Sonic Paradise were able to obtain this recording from a third party, and it appeared that Sonic has seemingly shown a new move.

Sonic seemingly shows a new move when dealing with an enemy in this leaked video.

The leaks also confirmed that the demo featured cutscenes. One was shown so far that featured Sonic talking with someone, obstructed by the in-game camera angle.

Brief glimpse at a Sonic Frontiers cutscene.

Title screen

And to cap off the leaks so far, a clear look at the title screen of the game has also been provided.

A look at the title screen for the demo of Sonic Frontiers.

More leaks, and information, are expected to come in the following days.

Sonic Frontiers is expected to be released on Holiday 2022, for the Xbox platforms, PlayStation platforms, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.

h/t: The_marmolade, Sonic Paradise, FranDarkstar, SSF1991, Sonic_Frontier.

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