Sonic Speed Simulator announced: a new official Sonic game developed on Roblox

Excuse me? Oh, we’re for real? It’s real? Oh, okay!

Gamefam Studios announced today a new, officially licenced, Sonic the Hedgehog game developed entirely on the Roblox platform.

Named Sonic Speed Simulator, the online multiplayer game is based around various open-world locations in the Sonic franchise. Players can play as their own Roblox avatar, or even unlock official Sonic the Hedgehog skins such as Sonic himself, and some of his friends.


The objective is to collect as many Chaos Orbs as possible to level up and to increase speed. At some point, players will hit a maximum level cap, and they will have to “re-birth” their character in order to increase that cap and to unlock a faster speed limit.

Since the game runs on Roblox, that means it is completely free to download and play on any device that supports it, such as PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Xbox One platforms.

Aside from 3D models of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, players can obtain Sonic-exclusive items for your Roblox avatar, or even pets like none other than the Chao within Sonic Speed Simulator.

When you get the speed, this game feels like Sonic. That is something our producers, designers, and animators know how to do, but we needed Sega’s expert Sonic guidance on it.

Gamefam CEO Joe Ferencz

According to the developers, they said it was challenging to balance the technical limitations of Roblox to make a game based on a AAA franchise. Joe Ferencz, Gamefam’s CEO, said that Sega helped the production of Sonic Speed Simulator so it looked and felt like a Sonic game.

Sonic Speed Simulator is free-to-play. An official release date has yet to be announced, but players can visit the closed beta page. and purchase access in their in-game currency for 50 “robux”.

via press release, h/t Polygon

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