Sonic the Hedgehog debuts as a VTuber for the first time

The future is now.

SEGA of Japan officially unveiled Sonic the Hedgehog as a VTuber, a digital avatar, for the first time.

The avatar was showcased in the latest episode of Sonic Station Live after the company teased the feature in a interview reported yesterday.

Long-time Japanese voice-actor Jun’ichi Kanemaru was confirmed to voice Sonic’s VTuber persona.

I am Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog! I came, ‘cuz I was invited, and told there is something fun! Hmmm, is there a studio like this in Station Square? Whatever… Wonder what ‘something fun’ is… Do you know? Well, since I came, I intend to enjoy it a lot. I cannot hang around like this too long.

Sonic the Hedgehog, excerpt of translation by Nini.

The hedgehog is now among the many participating in the “virtual YouTuber” genre, which exploded in popularity in Japan and around the world.

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