New details on Tails Save and customizations in new Sonic Colours Ultimate interview

In an interview with ShackNews, Sonic Colours Ultimate producer Aaron Roseman from Blind Squirrel Entertainment gave more details related to the upcoming remaster.

Remake or remaster?

Roseman clarified that Ultimate is a remaster rather than a remake, as Blind Squirrel have taken the source code from the original Colours and adapted it. He also confirmed that all music tracks have been remixed for Ultimate.

I’d say it’s more of a Remaster, more than a Remake. We take the source code and we’ve updated a lot of the visuals, introduced a lot of new gameplay features, remixed all of the music tracks and introduced new unlockable content for Sonic.

Aaron Roseman, Sonic Colours Ultimate producer

The producer also addressed the misconception in regards to remasters, with some fans concerned that certain segments were artificially upscaled. He said that “the truth is that automated processes doesn’t always work, so it requires the hand-touch of an artist to go in there and make sure everything works.”

Sonic Colours Ultimate Tropical Resort Act 3 gameplay. (ShackNews)

Tails Save

Roseman mentioned a number of previously known and brand new features, with “Tails Save” being the main highlight.

We removed Sonic’s ability to lose lives and get a game over and replaced it with Tails Save, which players now collect and that will make it so Tails picks you up and flies you to your last known location.

Aaron Roseman, Sonic Colours Ultimate producer

The producer also disclosed a brand new feature, which is the “100 Rings” ring. Not only is it a ring bonus, but when it is obtained, Sonic can turn invincible to help players progress through stages.

Customizations and cutscenes

Another point highlighted was the players’ ability to customize Sonic in-game, from his shoes and gloves to his boost aura. It’s a new feature previously unseen in the series.

The player can now customize Sonic’s shoes and gloves, and we’re introducing something kind of new to the franchise which is Boosting Auras. There’s two parts to it which are, one the boost itself, which when you boost in the game, you can choose what kind of effects will follow Sonic, like a Rainbow, and then there’s the Auras which is just an aura to make Sonic feel more powerful in the game.

Aaron Roseman, Sonic Colours Ultimate producer

It was also confirmed that the games’ cutscenes are going to be re-rendered. “We have taken all the raw files and upgraded them to higher resolutions up to 4K,” said Roseman.

What made Sonic tick?

Roseman said that the vibrancy, colours, and its character helped Sonic become an endearing franchise for fans around the world.

We know he’s great and we’re just not willing to let him go into the sunset because there’s so much potential in the character, there was potential in the 90’s, there’s potential in the 2000`s and there’s potential today.

Aaron Roseman, Sonic Colours Ultimate producer

Finally, when questioned about the next main Sonic game, Roseman said:

I can’t talk much about it but I am confident than when it’s done the fans are really going to appreciate it and like what’s in store for the future.

Aaron Roseman, Sonic Colours Ultimate producer

Sonic Colours Ultimate will be released 7 September on the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

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  1. It makes sense that they removed Sonic’s ability to lose lives. With the exception of games that are intentionally designed to play like retro games, there’s not really much of a point in lives anymore.

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