Tails appears to be playable in Sonic Colours Ultimate, remixed music and more revealed

Screenshots of Sonic Colors Ultimate from a third party showcased what appears to be a playable Tails, among other things.

News continue to surface for the recently revealed Sonic Colours Ultimate. This time, Sonic’s best friend may be playable.

In an article published by the Japanese magazine Famitsu, screenshots showcased what appears to be a playable Miles “Tails” Prower were shown, much to the excitement of Sonic fans.

It still isn’t known if Tails will have his trademark characteristics from other Sonic games where he is playable.

The findings has yet to be confirmed by SEGA.

More Sonic Colours Ultimate details revealed

A new color power, Jade Wisp, that originally debuted in Team Sonic Racing, has been added to the game. It will work essentially the same way it did in its first appearance. The character will be transparent, and will be able to go through certain walls and objects.

Also confirmed was that a new game system for beginners has been added, as well as new items.

Moreover, the opening theme for the game, Reach for the Stars, and all stages and boss fights soundtracks have been updated. It was disclosed that remixes of the original soundtrack have also been included.

First look at merch items for the Japanese SEGA store

The Japanese SEGA store is preparing to sell a merchandise line up to commemorate the remastered title. It will feature a hanging scroll, a Tropical Resort place mat, a leather pouch, a Wisp-branded bag, and an acrylic panel.

A 30th Anniversary package will also include an art book, a soundtrack compilation CD , and a a limited edition collector’s coin.

All items can be pre-ordered at the Japanese SEGA store.

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Correction: Article updated 28 May to reflect ambiguous nature of Tails’ involvement. We regret the error.

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