Sonic Colours Ultimate cutscenes, customizations, levels featured in new gameplay footage

Fans got a deeper look into cutscenes, customization, and more.

Several media outlets have managed to get their hands on SEGA’s upcoming remaster, Sonic Colours Ultimate, with some also being able to play the game for themselves.

Tropical Resort and cutscenes

Video game website GameSpot showcased the first nine minutes of gameplay for the PC version of Ultimate via a cloud gaming client, featuring Tropical Resort and the game’s first cutscene with upscaled graphics and smoother models. It is worth keeping in mind that the original music for Tropical Resort in Act 1 was used, reaffirming that the original soundtrack will be included in the remaster.

Gameplay of Tropical Resort and cutscenes in Sonic Colours Ultimate. (GameSpot)

American publication Game Informer also got the opportunity to play some of the game. It showcased some of the game’s customization options as previewed by SEGA of Japan, with players being able to customize Sonic’s shoes, gloves and boost auras. The avatar can also be changed to a number of SEGA-related icons, like NiGHTS, Alex Kidd, and more.

Gameplay of Tropical Resort in Sonic Colours Ultimate, as well as a preview at the game’s customizations. (Game Informer)

Sweet Mountain

In addition to Tropical Resort and Act 1 of Starlight Carnival, community media outlet Sonic Stadium also got a chance to play Act 1 of Sweet Mountain, with a new synth-led remix soundtrack in the background. All of the new soundtracks in Ultimate are planned to be released in an official album titled Re-colors.

Gameplay of Sweet Mountain Act 1 in Sonic Colours Ultimate. (Sonic Stadium)

Sonic Colours Ultimate will be released 7 September on PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

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