Untitled Sonic 2022 game titled “Rangers” in press box metadata

After the reveal of a new Sonic game at the end of Sonic Central, fans were quick on their feet to try to understand more about it.

Rumours regarding the untitled 2022 Sonic game begun to surface Thursday afternoon after a number of fans found underlying code in files uploaded to SEGA’s press box.

Tails’ Channel were able to independently verify reports from multiple dataminers and game modders who managed to explore the press files for the 2022 game. They disclosed that the name “Rangers” was mentioned multiple times through the metadata.

This has raised rumours about a possible leak made by an anonymous user in January that relayed information about a possible Sonic game named Sonic Rangers, which would feature an open world for Sonic to explore and some boss battles on the way, an approach similar to Breath of the Wild, but focusing more on Sonic’s speed.

No further details were confirmed by SEGA as of yet.

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