“Sonic Week” Wallpapers and Icons Released

A batch of official Sonic artwork to kick off “Sonic Week” in celebration of SEGA’s 60th anniversary

SEGA released a set of Sonic-related assets in celebration of the company’s 60th anniversary early Wednesday.

The release of the assets kick off “Sonic Week”, a marathon of surprises and goodies scheduled to span between 2 to 9 December.

Users registered to the SEGA 60th website received two variants of the Sonic 2020 wallpaper, and three sets of Sonic Mania icons from the 60th anniversary festivities held by SEGA of Japan earlier this year.

SEGA opted to re-use artwork for the Sonic celebration, which followed an established precedent with the seven other franchises who also re-used artwork in their respective celebrations.

If precedent serves to be right once again, SEGA may unveil scheduling information of “Sonic Week” in the hours ahead, which may include interviews, livestreams and giveaways.

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