Aaron Webber leaves Sonic Official for new role within SEGA

In a surprise announcement, Aaron Webber will be leaving his social media manager position for a new role within SEGA of America.

Webber said he’s passing the torch to Katie Chrzanowski and others to lead the Sonic brand forward.

This marks the end of Webber’s second run at Sonic Official. Webber re-joined SEGA in 2015 after a year-long hiatus. He was the driving force behind the popular Twitter outlet, known for its content, memes, and references. Webber was also known for leading the official Sonic streams during the height of Team Sonic Racing, Forces, and Mania.

Webber thanked the entire team at SEGA and the newly named Sonic Studio, including Hesse, Whitehead, and Iizuka-san.

He also thanked the community for supporting various causes, saying he “couldn’t be more proud of what the community has accomplished,” and he knows “the community will continue to accomplish more good in the coming years.”

Meanwhile, the community reaction was passionate. Many fans thanked Webber for his contributions to the Sonic franchise, and wished him well in his new role at SEGA.

Interestingly enough, we found out that this news echoes back to a video published by SEGA before the new year.

It threw a bunch of cryptic clues hinting to a “glimmer of a flame” that “began in 2015” that “grew with each success”. It also included a Latin phrase that referred to “the refining of character through difficult circumstances.” The clues were wrapped up with one final sentence, saying that “the next chapter belongs to you.”

The hints led some fans to speculate that it was referring to Webber’s time at SEGA, with others believing he might either leave or move positions.

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