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Sonic Generations PSP build assets uncovered by preservation group

Video game researchers said they have uncovered assets of a scrapped beta Sonic Generations build for the PSP.

A video game preservation group claimed to have uncovered more assets of a cancelled beta build of Sonic Generations for the PlayStation Portable.

The group, known as Obscure Gamers, released a number of textures from a mid-2010 build titled Sonic Anniversary.

The textures originated from a Universal Media Disc that was uncovered by an unidentified user, and was recently obtained by ‘Morphic’, one of the researchers at the preservation group.

“Ever since I have been trying to help him dump the disc, and even offered to purchase it from him, although he declined,” said ‘Morphic’, who spoke exclusively to Tails’ Channel.

“So far we have been able to recover even more data, including the logo I released and some other assets and strings.”


This is the second reported instance of a beta build of Sonic Generations for the PlayStation Portable.

In May 2017, Obscure Gamers obtained a disc containing a November 2009 build of Sonic Generations, also known as Sonic Anniversary. In a statement published on Facebook, the group said they have successfully uncovered 14 megabytes of data, despite the disc’s permanently unsalvageable state.

“That disc belonged to me and was found inside a PSP devkit purchased from a liquidation sale, which I would clearly assume was from SEGA at some point,” said ‘Morphic’.

“Yesterday a long lost PSP port of Sonic Generations was found from November 2009, Sadly the disk was damaged as it was stored on rubbish media. at this time recovery of the data doesn’t seem possible.

Philips disks are prone to this having found the same issue with a Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 360 build. Half the data was lost again.”

Obscure Gamers, Facebook

“I sent it off to a data recovery centre but also had no luck, other than something like 10mb of broken data files. We were able to recover some small image files from this but nothing particularly interesting.”

Obscure Gamers also mentioned that there was more screenshots and an early musical remix of Green Hill on Facebook, but the assets have not surfaced due to initial fears of litigation from SEGA.

Meanwhile, the group’s official forum board disclosed a separate set of images from the cancelled November 2009 build, which was presumed to be a port from the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations, in August 2020.

The images gave a first early look at a stripped-down menu, as well as textures from an incomplete level, likely believed to be Mushroom Hill.

In 2010, a SEGA representative confirmed Sonic Anniversary, now known as Sonic Generations, to coincide with the franchise’s 20th anniversary. A port for the Nintendo Wii and DS was reportedly planned, but it never came to fruition.

10 January 2021 – Article updated with new information via statement.

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