Update: Tony Harnell laughs off internet reaction to rumours of involvement in a new Sonic song

Fans were excited when the singer of “It Doesn’t Matter” hinted at his involvement in a new Sonic song, though there was no corroboration to the claim.

Update 18 August 2021: Article updated with new information.

The singer of It Doesn’t Matter, Tony Harnell, poked fun at the immediate fan reaction after his sudden claim from earlier this week spurred rumours that he could be involved in a new song for an unspecified Sonic the Hedgehog game.

In a Instagram post late Wednesday, Harnell relayed a report from NintendoLife with a caption that read, “the power of Instagram lol”, followed by a “🤪” emoji in a similar response on Facebook. The musician appeared to aware of the immediate fan and media response to his off-the-cuff remark.

The rumour began on Harnell’s personal Instagram account after he responded to a question if he “would ever do another song” for a Sonic game. “Sure,” he replied and added, “I kind of just did.”

Tails’ Channel has reached out to Harnell and his representatives on Monday following a report from Sonic Stadium writer Alex Ventrella who claimed that the musician may have worked on a new song for a Sonic game.

The author speculated that the musician could be “working on an independent tribute project” or “slipped up and broke a contract”, but neither Harnell’s agent or a SEGA representative corroborated the claims or responded to Tails’ Channel’s inquiries.

Harnell previously fronted the heavy metal band TNT across the ’80s, but many Sonic fans knew the San Diego-based rock singer for performing multiple songs for the Sonic the Hedgehog series, including It Doesn’t Matter, Escape from the City, and We Can.

The singer-songwriter planned to kick off a music tour in the United States this September.

h/t Chili Dawg, SSMB; Tails’ Channel Discord

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