Sonic Hacking Contest 2022 announced

Fans will be able to watch and play Sonic the Hedgehog fan hacks and mods, thanks to the annual event.

The 2022 Sonic Hacking Contest was officially confirmed late Saturday, which will mark the 20th installment of the annual showcase of Sonic the Hedgehog fan mods and hacks.

In a statement published late Saturday, event organizers announced the complete round up of rules and regulations, much of which remained the same from last year.

Just like every year, eager entrants can choose to submit their mod or hack to the Contest, which will be judged; or the Expo, which will not, and therefore will have a later deadline for entries.

New additions

New additions to this year’s event included:

  • The creation of the Code of Conduct for entrants and judges. The aim of the conduct is to ensure civility among the entrants, which was an apparent issue according to event organizers; as well as ensuring judges the adherence of proper evaluation.
  • Decompilation mods based on RSDK, a software development kit, will be eligible for this year’s Contest and Expo, as long as they are based on an official mobile release. Mods based on Sonic 3 Angel Island Revisited are only eligible for the Expo.
  • Event organizers will provide “a separate upload area where entrants can offer additional files where required for Judges and Media Panel such as save files to access all content they want to show.”
  • The trophy format remained the same as before, though they will regain unique titling which was last used in 2019. The full list will be announced later this year, and event organizers are accepting submissions.


The list of judges is very similar to 2021, with the vast majority returning for another year.

  • D.A. Garden
  • Jubbalub
  • mrcat-pixel
  • Ravenfreak
  • Spanner
  • SSF1991 (Donnie)
  • SuperEgg
  • Yoshister
  • Axanery
  • Jubbalub
  • RMGRich
  • Rubberduckycooly
  • SSF1991 (Donnie)
  • SuperSonic16
  • Dario FF
  • ĐeäTh
  • HyperBE32
  • ItsEasyActually
  • Melpontro
  • Sajid
  • Sewer56
  • Skyth
  • SpeepsHighway
  • SSF1991 (Donnie)
  • TwilightZoney


  • Deadline for Contest submissions will expire at the end of Sunday 4 September, will last-minute updates eligible until Sunday 11 September.
  • Deadline for Expo submissions will expire at the end of Sunday 25 September.

This year’s Contest Week will be held between Monday 10 to Sunday 16 October. Tails’ Channel’s coverage plans will be unveiled in the weeks leading up to the event.

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