Sonic Revolution: fan-run Sonic the Hedgehog convention in the U.S. announced for 2024

The American fan-run Sonic the Hedgehog convention, Sonic Revolution, is slated to have its 10th annual running this June.

The theme of this year’s convention will be “Eggman Revolution”, with themed merchandise of Eggman and fellow bad guys like Scourge and Dr. Starline planned to be sold at the convention, including a 10th anniversary fan comic.

A Kickstarter to raise funds for the convention has been up and running since this past Friday, with an initial goal of $7,000 USD and up to $20,000 in stretch goals. As of the time of this being posted, the stretch goals past $7,000 have been hidden, and funding is currently at $3,900 USD.

Other rewards include the opportunity for your original character to be included in the 10th anniversary fan comic, as well as having the character appear on the cover of the comic.

Among the guests announced so far include:

  • Mike Pollock, best known as being the voice of Dr. Eggman since 2003
  • Ryan Drummond, best known as being the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog from 1999 to 2004
  • Jay Axer, who worked as a penciler for the Sonic Archie comic series in the early 2000’s
  • Balena Productions, a YouTube channel that has made numerous Sonic animations and has over one million subscribers since it launched in 2008

Those that wish to fund the Kickstarter can do so here. Pledges of $25, $55, $65, $125, $245, or $500 USD may be made if you wish to attend the convention in-person, with varying rewards for each pledge.

Sonic Revolution 2024 is slated to have its 10th annual convention on Sunday 30 June 2024, at the Carson Event Center in Carson, California, a suburb of Los Angeles.


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