Viv Grannell’s Sonic Mania LEGO Project Greenlit For Production

An official Sonic Mania LEGO set has been greenlit for production.

Artist and LEGO builder Viv Grannell’s product idea of a Sonic Mania set has been approved for production, LEGO officially announced today.

“We’re excited to collaborate with SEGA and Viv to bring one of the most iconic game characters and brands to life,” said the Ideas team in a statement. “Congrats Viv!”

Non-final product image of the “Sonic Mania – Green Hill Zone” project. (LEGO)

The project, named “Sonic Mania – Green Hill Zone”, was conceptualized by Grannell, also known as toastergrl, in 2017 and gained massive community support. The project gathered 10,000 supporters on its official Ideas page.

“I’ll have a “proper” pinned tweet summarising everything in a few hours but my brain is coming out of my ears and my twitter notifs have completely exploded,” said Grannell, acknowledging the announcement on Twitter. “Love yalls gang – this would have been impossible without you.”

The official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account also made a tweet that expressed their excitement for the project to be in production.

No details on the final design, pricing, or release date have been made available. More details are planned be shown by LEGO when the product is closer to its release.

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