Concept art for various zones in Sonic Dream Team unveiled

SEGA and Hardlight have just unveiled concept art for four zones in Sonic Dream Team: Scrambled Shores, Dream Factory, Nightmare Maze, and Ego City! Have a look!

  • Scrambled Shores: Looks too good to be true bright and colourful tracks, sandy beaches, blue skies and turquoise waters. The track wraps around the islands, goes over the waters, and reaches into the sky supported by clouds. But something is not quite right- the trees, wildlife, and vegetation are fake inflatable versions of the real thing.
  • Dream Factory: Zone 2 visits the part of Dr. Eggman’s mind that creates his inventions and Badniks- the Dream Factory. Here we see how his ideas are formed.
  • Nightmare Maze: Represents the inner madness of Dr. Eggman. A labyrinth of paths and platforms at all angles, there is no clear up or down. Waterfalls will flow against your expectations. You’ll be able to run on the side of walls and the ceiling physics will not be as expected.
  • Ego City: Dr Eggman’s dream city with no limits. It’s an unadulterated boost to Eggman, a city that celebrates Eggman and his brilliance every day. A parade of Eggman-themed floats glides along the central avenue while hundreds of Badniks cheer them on, speaker drones fly above playing comically positive messages about Eggman.
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