Details on Sonic Amateur Games Expo 2020 unveiled

A bit of changes were made in this year’s fan games expo.

The annual showcase of Sonic fan games unveiled its guidelines and submissions for those interested to participate.

Below is the full statement from expo organizers:

Submission Guidelines

  • For this year making use of Sonic Fan Games HQ’s Showcase is mandatory. If you’re unsure how to use the Showcase, please refer to our guide below!
  • Please do NOT send your entry to the SAGE email. If you do not use the Showcase, YOUR ENTRY WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED TO SAGE.
  • Likewise, all entries with less than 500MB must be uploaded directly to the site.
  • Each game entry must contain a image in square format (1:1) of, at least, 500×500 for the SAGE website. This does not have to be the same as your submission’s cover, just needs to be attached to the gallery.
  • All game entries must be submitted by August 21st 2020, 11:59 PM CDT.
  • Entries can be updated after registration and even during the event.
  • ROM Hacks and Mods are allowed, given they have considerable changes from its source. Level ports, character swaps and so on, as technically impressive as they may be, won’t be accepted.
  • If you have multiple game projects to submit, please follow the submission guidelines for each project and submit them separately.
  • Frameworks/Engines are welcome but must follow the same guidelines as stated above.
  • Entries from users currently banned from SFGHQ and/or Sonic Retro won’t be accepted.

Trailer Guidelines

  • Similar to years prior, we will be making a SAGE trailer featuring some of the games.
  • If you’d like your submission featured in the SAGE 2020 Highlight Trailer, please send a separate email with your footage with “Trailer” along with the name of your game in the subject line.
  • We ask that the game footage be kept to 15 seconds, 1920×1080, .mp4 format, and 60 fps.
  • Please submit your footage to [email protected] with “Trailer” in the subject line no later than July 18 2020, 11:59 PM CDT.
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