Filming for the 2017 Sonic Movie pitch found on YouTube

Fans have now a glimpse at how the 2017 Sonic Movie pitch was like.

In order to get a movie made in Hollywood, the filmmakers must convince studios first that their movie is viable. The Sonic Movie was no different.

Back in 2017, Paramount was presented with a five-minute short film made by Blur Studio that gave an idea of how the movie would be like, with Ben Schwartz already voicing the iconic hedgehog. Alongside the pitch, a poster was made to sell the idea of the movie even further, which was leaked a while ago.

Snippets related to the pitch have leaked since then, but perhaps our biggest look into it has showed up recently on fans’ radars.

Paul D. Green, a cameraman that worked on the pitch, casually decided to film his work on the short film, giving us a glimpse on some details related to it. We can see some details that are present on the movie, but are slightly different in the short film, such as the “Welcome to Green Hills” sign.

The actor playing the role of Tom in this pitch is unknown, but familiar faces such as Tim Miller, the movie’s executive producer, show up.

As far as we know, this is the best look into it that we’ll have for a while. The most interesting detail about it is that it was in the open for anyone to see since 2017. Things would’ve certainly been way different in the fanbase if this was discovered sooner.

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