Funko Pop teases first merchandise products for Sonic’s 30th Anniversary

Fans are now getting a glimpse at the merchandise for Sonic’s next birthday.

With Sonic’s 30th Anniversary approaching, everyone behind the scenes is kicking into high gear to get everything ready, and we just got some details on some merchandise that is on the way.

Thanks to a listing obtained by FunkoPopNews, it was discovered that among some of the upcoming Funko Pops, Sonic was between them.

Excerpt of apparent listing published by FunkoPopNews.

It confirms that a Silver the Hedgehog Funko Pop and a running Sonic are on the way, branded as “Sonic 30th”. This would mark these the first merchandises revealed for Sonic’s 30th Anniversary.

A Super Silver Funko Pop was revealed recently alongside Super Tails, but this would mark the first time a regular Silver Funko Pop is released.

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