IDW Sonic duo Tangle and Whisper to appear in Sonic Dash

The IDW characters are planned to appear in Sonic Dash.

Various assets of the well-known IDW Sonic duo Tangle the Lemur and Whisper the Wolf were uncovered in a data mine of SEGA HARDlight’s popular mobile title, Sonic Dash.

Tails’ Channel has confirmed that the Tangle and Whisper assets were found inside the latest Android build of Sonic Dash, version 4.11.0.

Among the assets include 3D models, textures, and graphical stickers.

The new findings suggest that there may be a new in-game event featuring the pair sometime in the future.

The data mine was originally presented by Twitter users Bluwolfboy and Ale_AllStar7291. Bluwolfboy said that Whisper’s Wispon is present as well.

This would be the first time in over 25 years that characters from a Sonic comic appeared in a Sonic game.

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