“Keep Up”, an unused Sonic Movie song, is discovered

Made by Juice WRLD, it was originally going to be the theme for the movie, before it was replaced by “Speed Me Up”.

Speed Me Up was a song released on January, that was used mainly as a theme song for the Sonic Movie. But it soon became clear that there were other musics that were meant to be the main theme song, but then were left on the cutting room floor.

A leak coming from Instagram account VaultofJuice, shows an unused music for the Sonic Movie, made by late rapper Juice WRLD. It uses Speed Me Up instrumentals, and seems to have been made early in the movie’s development.

Give a listen to Keep Up:

This song also contains some elements present in the French version of Speed Me Up, such as the vocals in the backgrounds that scream “Ball!” and “Gotta go Fast”.

This isn’t the first time an unused song for the Sonic Movie was discovered by fans, there also was Chizzy Stephen’s Gotta go Fast, which Chizzy himself published on his YouTube channel.

Back in April 2019, when the first trailer released, artist Riff Raff said that he was going to be making a theme song for the Sonic Movie. This did not come to fruition. It shows that there are more leaks in regard to Sonic Movie’s soundtrack waiting to happen.

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