Steamforged unveils first look at Sonic the Card Game

Steamforged, known for their licenced board and card games, unveiled a first look at their previously announced Sonic: The Card Game.

The game can be played from two to six players, and recommended for ages six and up. In it, players will play a fast-paced card game around 20 to 30 minutes in length, in which they will be able to collect power-ups and rings to progress.

It’s simple. Sonic’s the name, and speed is the game. Choose your character from Sonic and his friends, then race through levels built by laying out random cards. Collect rings that are worth points, and power-ups you can either save for points or play for bonus effects. Whoever gets the most points, wins!

Steamforged Games

But to keep players on high alert, there’s a system in which the players secretly decide if they want to keep “racing” or “retire”.

Each round, a new card is drawn at random and added to the level. Before that card is revealed, every player has to decide (in secret!) whether to keep racing or retire. 

Steamforged Games

But to dynamize the game even further, there’s a chance players can lose it all at the end due to an enemy ambush.

Keep racing, and you might hit the jackpot and bag enough points to win! Easy, right? Not so fast. The next card could be an enemy waiting to ambush you and end your chance at victory!

Steamforged Games

Sonic: The Card Game will be out this September for $19.95 USD, or €17.95 EUR. Fans can pre-order on the official website, Just Geek in the United States, or on SEGA’s European and British storefronts.

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